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About Me

Amy Molloy is a multi award-winning journalist, editor and author who produces trauma-informed content for the biggest names in global publishing. Her work centres on Storytelling for Healing, and the power of sharing our lived experiences. A sell-out self-help author and the writer behind the hit podcast, The Space (5 million+ downloads), she is applauded for her thoughtful, informative and responsible reporting of grief, loss & mental health illness.

Writer and Editor

Eternal Press produces mini-memoirs for young people* living with terminal illness or life-limiting conditions. A social enterprise arm of Amy’s brand, Storytelling for Healing, it aims to ensure that every young person can leave their mark and feels empowered to write the headlines of their own life story.

With over 15 years working in the magazine space, both in print and online, Amy knew she wanted Eternal Press to reflect the style of the coolest publications she’d worked on—vibrant, energised and inspiring. Every mini memoir feels like an iconic magazine with a customisable template that, thanks to our clever design team, reflects all personalities.


Sign Up

A questionnaire is sent to our memoir star (and their family/friends if they'd like their input) so our team can begin to get to know them.

Creating the Memoir

Amy meets with them (virtually or in person) for a getting-to-know-you interview, from which she creates the memoir content. Then it's onto her amazing designer ...

The Final Product

Printed to a professional standard, the individual receives five copies of the magazine delivered to their door. And, their friends and family can order as many copies as their heart's desire with one-click from our online hub.

I've interviewed enough people to know, the interview process—sitting with another human who really sees you—is when the magic happens. That's why, it's so important to us that this isn't just a memoir kit. We want to sit with our memoir stars; and ensure this is a collaborative experience that neither of us forgets.

Depending on the charity partner’s requirements, Eternal Press can discuss funding options, including accessing grants, sponsorship and crowd-funding.

  • As a social enterprise, we strive to keep the price of production and printing of each memoir to a minimum. Please reach out to receive our current pricing.

'When my husband, Eoghan was in chemo, I encouraged him to write a journal, which he loved for me to read. That book became an incredible source of comfort, joy and humour for both of us—the perfect reminder of his essence and unique sparkle. For that, I’ve always been so grateful. I'd love to offer that joy to other people.'

—Amy Molloy

Eoghan died when Amy was 23-years-old, three weeks after their wedding day 

Interested in coming on board as our charity partner or sponsoring a memoir?
Are you a young person, or the family of a young person, living with a terminal or life-limiting condition? Do you loves the idea of creating a mini memoir all about you? Reach out to discuss our services and how we can showcase all that you are!

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